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Webinar: The Critical Factors to Look for in a Cybersecurity Vendor - 10 November 2022

Are you assessing which cybersecurity vendor to use for your business, or even consolidating to just one? There are some key characteristics and business strategies you’ll want to consider. We’ve turned to global business leaders to share their experience vetting cybersecurity vendors and even trends in the security industry that influenced their choice. WatchGuard’s Chief Information Officer Wayson Vannatta will host our four panelists: - Calvin Engen, Chief Technology Officer at (North America) - Jodi Gawf, Owner of Saje Network System (North America) - Paul Harris, Executive President of New Access S.A. (South America) - María Mérida - Nicolich, Director at MicroCAD Informática (Europe) Join the webinar to hear from our expert panelists about selecting a cybersecurity vendor right for your business and other topics like: - Vendor consolidation - Cybersecurity trends - Security platform vs portfolio See more of our upcoming and previous webinars on our website: