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12 June 2019 - WatchGuard and Bigleaf - SD-WAN: One Size Doesn’t Fit All

You're probably hearing a lot about SD-WAN as a way to cut MPLS provider costs, but that's only part of the SD-WAN story. Many organizations are looking for SD-WAN to optimize and prioritize Cloud application traffic. Each SD-WAN scenario can use different combinations of best-of-class SD-WAN and enterprise-grade security to offer the best solution. WatchGuard and BigLeaf will share some of the most popular SD-WAN applications and walk you through what to look for and how to implement the appropriate SD-WAN solution for your use case, including: • SD-WAN technology and why it matters • How SD-WAN is used in example use cases • Other SD-WAN scenarios to consider before deploying • How to make SD-WAN work for your business needs