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14 August 2019 - MFA Experts Roundtable: Protecting Your Credentials

Identity theft is an easy, low-risk, high-reward crime and a threat to all organizations. And identity theft is easily achieved from lost or stolen credentials. Unauthorized access to sensitive data is never ideal for any organization and can lead to high remediation costs or worse – loss of business. The solution? Multi-factor authentication (MFA) – a solution that reduces the likelihood of network disruptions and data breaches. In this roundtable discussion, WatchGuard CTO, Corey Nachreiner and Director of Authentication Alex Cagnoni will discuss with special guest Roger Grimes, an MFA expert, on all things authentication and how to better strengthen your security, including: • The importance of implementing MFA • Different types of authentication and their weaknesses, and ways to mitigate • Plus, don’t miss our demos on a variety of authentication hacks!