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8 April 2020 - Strategies to Secure Your Remote Workforce

We face risks in cybersecurity every day. However, one of the challenges of enabling a remote workforce is that the chances of being the subject of cyber attacks can increase significantly. Without the benefit of your core network protections, a user on the go could become infected without your knowledge, and even introduce the infection to your broader environment when they reconnect with your network. Your users need to be able to securely access the data and applications that they need to do their jobs every day, without exposure to data loss. Join us for this on-demand webinar with Brendan Patterson, VP of product management, and Alex Cagnoni, director of authentication, as they discuss: • Remote work capabilities of your workforce • Cybersecurity best practices to keep users safe • Recommended security solutions to implement • Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) to corporate resources • MFA to protect remote employees